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Singing lessons according to the Lichtenberger method.

Sound-Oriented singing in short:  

Practising the Lichtenberger method is not about bringing the voice under control. This method is about learning to observe where the voice resonates in the body. Next we research what this resonance does to your sound. Exercises are not aimed at projecting the voice, but rather letting sound happen by itself through optimal resonance. Singing becomes effortless and easy.

In fact we do experiments in sound on many subjects: the ears, eyes, mouth, tongue, larynx, breath and so on. You learn what happens to all those areas when you sing, and at the same time a new balance is created, all fall into place. Soon you will notice that through this process of observance your voice recreates itself.

Also, we are not striving for a perfect soundmodel. Moreover it is a process of allowing more and more sound. This works for both beginners and experienced singers.